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Happy New Year • С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ


May 9, 2010: Victory Day   Leave a comment

May 9th is Victory Day (Den Pobedy/День Победы). RADA sends its very best wishes to all who have served.

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Happy New Year!

С Новым Годом!

Russia’s Arctic Treasures   Leave a comment

The seabed of the arctic, especially the continental shelf north of Russia, is believed to be a fresh treasure trove of oil, natural gas and precious minerals. They were atu_160ll inaccessible throughout history because the severe cold weather and the great ice cap made geological prospecting, let alone extraction, virtually impossible. But thanks to global warming, that is changing fast.

The Russian government takes the prospect of an energy and mineral bonanza beneath the melting arctic ice extremely seriously.

Former Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized the resumption of long-range strategic bomber patrols over the Arctic Ocean after a long hiatus.

The slow-flying but long-endurance Tupolev Tu-95 Bear turboprop-powered bombers have exceptional range, and their relatively low fuel consumption allows them to stay aloft for unusually extended periods of time.

The Russian air force also has sent its most formidable, prestigious and expensive aircraft, the incomparable Tupolev Tu-160 White Swan (NATO designation Blackjack) on these arctic patrols as a further demonstration of how serious it is about enforcing its rights in the region.

May 9th: Victory Day   Leave a comment


May 9th is Victory Day (Den Pobedy). RADA sends its very best wishes to all who have served.

Kazakhstan to Lead Global Uranium Production by 2015?   Leave a comment

Canada, Australia, and Kazakhstan are the world’s largest suppliers of uranium.uranium3

KazAtomProm is the Kazakh state owned nuclear holding company. In addition to its involvement in the production of uranium and plutonium, it also produces beryllium, tantalum, and niobium. It was established in 1997 and has its headquarters in Almaty.

KazAtomProm announced that Kazakhstan’s 2008 uranium production increased 28% in 2008 to 8521 tons, compared with 6637 tons in 2007.

Plans call for uranium production to reach 11,900 tons in 2009.

Kazakhstan plans to increase uranium output to approximately 18,000 tons by 2010, which would make it the world’s largest producer of uranium by 2015.

KazAtomProm has forged major strategic links with Russia, Japan and China, as well as taking a significant share in Westinghouse.

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