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Report from Russo-Tajik Summit   Leave a comment

November 25, 2010  [Dushanbe] The Russian military base in Tajikistan is an important factor of stability in the region and proof of mutual confidence between the two countries, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared at Russo-Tajik talks on Thursday.

“Cooperation between the defence departments of the two countries and the presence of a full- format, fully-fledged Russian military base in Tajikistan on a long-term basis is a serious sign of mutual confidence between the two countries,” Putin stressed. “This is an important factor of stability in this region, taking into account difficult processes continuing in Afghanistan,” Putin said.

“All of us should do big work in Central Asia so that people could feel confident, be calm and reliably protected there,” the Russian prime minister said.

Putin also mentioned the increasing number of Russo-Tajik initiatives, including the construction of the Sangtuda-1 hydropower plant , which is the most important project underway at present.


Putin To Head “Save the Tiger” Summit   2 comments

November 20, 2010: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, China’s premier Wen Jiabao and other world leaders will hold an unprecedented summit next week in a last ditch effort to save the tiger from extinction.

Just 3,200 tigers now roam free, down from 100,000 a century ago, and those that remain face a losing battle with poachers who supply traders in India and China with tiger parts for traditional medicines and purported aphrodisiacs.

The leaders are expected to endorse an initiative by the World Bank and wildlife charity WWF aimed at doubling the tiger population by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger under the Chinese calendar.

Putin, who is hosting the “tiger summit” with officials from 13 tiger range nations, will try to thrash out a deal aimed at turning the tables on poachers. China’s Wen and the prime ministers of Bangladesh and Laos are among those expected.

The bid to halt poaching, loss of habitat and tiger-parts trafficking will cost about $350 million over five years. Securing funding for the 12-year cross border plan will be one of the main aims of the conference, according to the WWF.

On the eve of the forum, a rare Siberian Amur Tiger was found dead from poachers’ bullets in Russia’s Far Eastern region of Primorsky, highlighting the greatest threat to the tigers.

Only 300 to 400 wild Amur Tigers remain, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Putin, Russia’s most powerful man, was feted by Russian media in 2008 for saving a television crew from a Siberian tiger by sedating the beast with a tranquillizer gun.