Russian Robots Respond to Piracy   Leave a comment

robotThe Centre of Firefighting Robotechnics in Petrozavodsk, a city in northern Russia, has modified device for extinguishing fires on seagoing vessels and in ports. The new device still fights fires, but is also useful for repelling pirate attacks.

This is a response to the alarming number of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden off the African shore. Twelve robots are needed to protect the average size vessel and the system involves monitored motion sensors, which when in automatic mode, shoot a water cannon at any approaching boat if danger is perceived. The water cannon not only has enough power to wash away boarding pirates, it can even sink their motorboats! The robots can also be operated from the bridge via remote control.

The manufacturer of these robots told the press that one freighter company in Murmansk, Russia, has already ordered a number of them for testing.

The idea for these pirate-fighting robots emanated from an existing prototype of a robot designed to fight fires. Each robot was originally meant to extinguish fires onboard ships and in ports, but Russian engineers later came up with a plan to have a dozen such robots protecting ships against pirates. The power from the water cannon, whether operated automatically or manually, is more than sufficient to wash the pirates overboard and out to sea.


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